Tuesday, August 4, 2009

World #20-6029 Fireplace/Stove Blower

Thermostatically Controlled Blower, Fits All Kozy World Stoves & Fireplaces, That Accept A Blower.
Customer Review: Bought someone elses JUNK
I purchased the Bainbridge II Dual Fuel Freestanding Stove with this optional blower attachment. The Stove works great for its intended purpose. The blower on the other hand did not work at all. When I purchased these items I believed they were going to be brand new products like the item description stated. The blower came in a box that had the return receipt of another customer still inside it. So, someone else returned it because it didn't work and then the company resells it to meas brand new! I have exchanged a couple of e-mails with the company about it but then nothing. They have gone unheard of! I'm now out $100 because this company refused to stand behind their sale. Look around for a different seller.

electric leaf blower

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