Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Earthwise CB20018 18 Volt Cordless Blower

Earthwise Cordless Leaf Blower. 18 volt Ni-Cad battery. Single speed of 140 mph. Snap on 20-Inch tube. Has the lime green customer touch points for easier use.
Customer Review: Cordless blower
This is a great light weight cordless blower for small jobs. It doesn't have the power of an electric blower but but it is easier to handle. I've used it to blow off debree from my deck that falls daily from the large tree above. Not sure how well it will work for blowing leaves from my yard in the fall.
Customer Review: Works really well for my yard needs.
So far I have no complaints about the cordless blower. It has the power I need and is really light to use. The battery is easy to charge with the included charger and gives me enough time to complete blowing off my driveway, patio and sidewalk. All in all, the Earthwise CB20018 18 Volt Cordless Blower is a good product and I would recommend it to anyone that has an average sized lawn.

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