Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ampro T80385 Powerful 3HP Portable Electric Vacuum Blower

The Ampro T80385 3HP Portable Electric Vacuum-Blower is great for all jobs in the garage and home. It's powerful 3HP motor works as a vacuum and a blower and is portable and lightweight for ease of use. The self contained permanent bag has a quick clamp release for easy cleaning. The T80385 includes a 6 foot hose, shoulder strap, two 20 inch extension tubes, wall mounted vacuum bracket, wall mounted attachment holder, and eight miscellaneous attachments.
Customer Review: Over all it really sucks
I purchased this product to replace the oreck portable i had. I dont regret purchasing it and would buy it again if needed. Pro 1: has great suction power. 2: comes with alot of attachments and a caring bag. 3: does suck and blow. hose can attach on either end. 4: dont have to purchase bags. it has a reusable one. cons: 1: power cord is way to short. wish they would have charged an extra $5.00 and attached a cord that was twice as long. 2: does not have a stopper on end of vacum so bugs that are sucked up can crawl out. use a zip bag on end when not in use.

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