Saturday, August 22, 2009

Echo PB-251 Handheld Blower

The ECHO PB-251 blower is perfect for homeowners who want power, versatility and ease of use. The 25.4cc engine easily pushes dirt, debris and yard waste around. The I-30 starter and ProFire ignition allow for quick and easy starting. Unique to the PB-251 is a rotational control design that reduces fatigue on a users wrist and forearm by providing a neutral balance while running. All ECHO handheld blowers are backed by a full 5 year consumer warranty and include engine oil and operators manual. ECHO engines are certified to the highest engine durability rating by the E.P.A.. California Certified Model
Customer Review: GREAT ITEM !!!
After talking with a Home Depot associate about this item, I decided to start the search to buy one. I found the Echo blower on Amazon for $110.00 far below the $169.00 at Home Depot. It works great and is lightweight and easy to start. I also have a Echo trimmer which is equally as good. I would recommend the Echo line to anyone wanting a quality product. To top it off, the Echo's have a 5 year warranty. Can't beat that!
Customer Review: No more Craftsman Blower For Me
I have own over 5 blowers in the past, all Craftsman. After a couple years, it always breaks down and not worth fixing. When I bought this Echo Blower, I was amaze how quiet and powerful this blower is in my hand. It was a joy to use around my yard. I will be very interested to see how long this one last. Yes, it cost a little more, but the quality is there.

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